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Balloon Design Pricing

Thank you for checking into our website, we look forward to working with you.
We get many inquiries regarding pricing. Balloon design is unique to each customer and pricing is based on a variety of factors.
Factors to consider are the complexity in the detail (time to make), volume, delivery and installation, colours and type of balloon, i.e chrome balloons, as well as glitter, confetti, feathers, flowers and props.

Our garlands are priced per metre, so having an idea of the size required will help with pricing and information about the area that it will be installed. Many garlands we offer are quite wide, so pricing may vary upon these factors and if flowers, or props are to be used. When this is an option, we may ask for a deposit to secure the return of the props. 

We also offer grab and go garlands so you can simply pick up and install the garland yourself.

Working within a children's play centre, we do have many requests for themed number balloons. These are simpler to price and we can design around most themes. Please see our gallery of images.

We have also added a few images from our balloon suppliers who we can share balloon inspiration ideas with you (see Inspiration/ idea page). If you can dream it, we can create it! Please get in touch to discuss your creations with us.

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