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How do I care for my Balloons?

Balloons are inflated 24 hours prior to collection/ delivery. We will show you your design on collection. We will not be responsible for damage caused by incorrect storage or handling. If there are any faults on collection, we will happily rectify them.

Please protect your balloons from heat, cold and sharp objects. Balloons are affected by temperature particularly helium balloons. They will deflate in cold weather and expand in hot temperatures which may lead to your balloons bursting. Please do not store balloons in your car.

Please ensure you have enough room in your car on collection. Ideally an empty car with the back seats down. The balloon displays can be quite big, so please do not squeeze them into the car as this will damage the display.


Balloons will naturally oxidise in daylight; clear balloons will become cloudy and coloured balloons will become matte and chrome will lose their shine. We only use high quality brands and if looked after properly, you will get many weeks enjoyment out of your balloons. 

Environment + Safety

We will under no circumstances produce balloons for release into the air. This is damaging to wildlife and the environment. Please dispose of your balloons sensibly.

Children and Pets.
Please supervise children and pets. Popped/ deflated balloons can be a potential choking hazard.

Latex Allergies
Latex can sometimes cause an allergic allergy in susceptible individuals. If you think you have an allergy after handling latex, please seek medical advice.

Booking Terms

A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking. If you are having your event in house at Zippys Playworld, your balloon order will be added onto your party invoice.
Deposits are non-refundable (after 24 hours cooling period) as your balloons will be ordered the following day. Your remaining balance is due on collection. If you have chosen delivery, please pay the remaining balance prior to delivery. 

For any damaged props you will be invoiced separately to cover any losses/ damages.

Outside Installations, props and additional items

For outdoor installations, it is your responsibility to organise alternative arrangements under adverse weather conditions. We will happily move to another area in the event of bad weather. 
Any last minute cancellations due to bad weather will not be refunded. 

Prop hire is included in your price, hire periods and collection arrangements will be agreed on booking.
Clients are fully responsible for props during hire, any damages will be charged for.

Florals are hired items and will be collected after your event. Any damaged or missing items will be charged for. Please do not leave them outside overnight.

Please do not allow pets or children to play with the props. If they are for outdoor displays, please bring them indoors to protect from the weather in adverse weather conditions. Please do not leave them outside overnight. 

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